Per The Verge:

Levoy will be working on computational photography initiatives across Adobe, and intriguingly, his efforts will be “centered on the concept of a universal camera app,” the company said in an email.

This really is quite the get for Adobe, not to mention a huge benefit to every smartphone manufacturer not named Google. Levoy was the mastermind behind Google’s entire computational photography division, which included their much loved Night Sight feature. And if Adobe really is working on a universal camera app that has that kind of computational punch behind it, why would the average Android user buy a Pixel?

More intriguing still, is what this means for the iPhone. This fall with iOS 14 users will be able to set default email and browser apps. Reason would have it that next year in iOS 15 users will be able to set more and different default apps. Who’s to say the camera couldn’t be one of those? This all could add up to a VERY big loss for Google.